Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hiawatha DoodleBug Scoooter : For Sale

Hiawatha Doodlebug Project!

Here we have a Doodlebug Scooter Project. It has some good points if you want a restoration project. The Complete rear wheel assembly and early
throttle/brake lever are there.Original front fender and rear fender is there and frame is there. Included is a running briggs n. This Doodlebug had a Briggs NP on it originally.
The briggs n is the same engine without the kicker mechanism. There are a few guys making a lot of these parts.The floor board and sheet metal can be had in reproduction form on websites if you go to google and type doodlebug scooter.
I have a kickstand and I think a briggs kicker gear in a box that can be used if you go down that road.
Front wheel is not original but works. The rear tire is correct.

For Sale on eBay and therummage.com

Here is the link to therummage.com

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